Wheels down

Heelys are wonderful things. Unfortunately I’ve been remiss updating on my actions in them. I’ve owned my current pair pretty much since my post three years ago. I’m less skilled in them than I was at twenty four. I also don’t wear them every day. I wish I were still so bold.

The shoes haven’t changed. They may be a bit bulkier, in more of a skater style. They may ride better, the bottoms more durable during braking. I may just not be riding them as hard. 

In our new neighborhood I wear them to get coffee on weekends. The clomp clomp doesn’t seem to wake Tara, though the wheels echo on the wooden floor. Once on the street though their versatility is on display. Step step push and I’m off, riding the solid sidewalks of the 17th Ave on their gentle slope down towards Clement and California. It’s nice, living somewhere with good sidewalks. This is why I loved these shoes in Japan, where everything is paved so perfectly. This is why I gave them up when moving to Shanghai. Houston was pretty good, flat and level. The Sunset for the last two years was too rough, slightly hilly, plus the three flights of stairs. 

This new house, in the Richmond, with the gentle slope to each street, seems perfect Heely territory. Walgreens across the street is big enough for the linoleum to really spread out before me. 

And always, the best part remains true. Walk past like anyone else, and then a quick hop, a slow whoosh, and away. Nothing beats Heelys for disguised travel. I was right at twenty four, and I am slowly regaining the skills. Next on the list is spinning in circles, ice skating style. 

Yes, this is something of a shoe blog. I’m realizing that slowly.

Wheels up.