Songs quoted

Many posts here are written with a certain song on repeat, or after a long obsession. Usually those posts quote lyrics.

Here then is a list of songs referenced on posts with links to the original material when available on YouTube, the artist, and the referencing post in parenthesis. Some posts mention multiple songs, and some songs are referenced in multiple posts. Artists, as can be seen, repeat, and all of the below are deeply loved.

Parked Car - Tina Dico (Parked car)
Room with a View - Tina Dico (Tokyo, two thousand seven)

Self Evident - Ani DiFranco (Going somewhere)

Lived in Bars - Cat Power (Lived in bars)

Let’s Get Out of this Country - Camera Obscura (Get out of this country)

Wandering Star - Poliça (Glimpses of Shanghai, Wandering Star)

Youth - Daughter (Working to breathe)

I Should Live in Salt - The National (Grey skies and hotel windows)
Fireproof - The National (Grey skies and hotel windows)
Trouble Will Find Me - The National (Grey skies and hotel windows)

Can We Work It Out - Gordi (Last days)
Nothing as It Seems - Gordi (Last days)
So Here We Are - Gordi (Last days)