About inhab.it

Inhab.it is the story of the places we are shaped by, and the ways we shape those places. It is built out of the amazement of one boy but is not his story, though it sometimes appears so.

Living somewhere, as opposed to visiting, requires the creation of an entire world and the establishment of a home. The ways in which people adapt to new surroundings have always impressed me, and inhab.it reflects my fascination.  It began while I was living in Shanghai in 2006, and now covers years before and after as well as other cities. Posts here represent a single view of each story or place, and occasionally revisit similar moments and locations. More than anything the site is a view of the world, found somewhere between fiction and personal history.

As best I can manage inhab.it is updated on the 10th and the 20th of each month.

Welcome. Thank you for reading.

-Wil, April 2010