About inhab.it

About” is a story of growing up, and of becoming one thing from another. It explains how thoughts are shaped, how moods and accidents become settled habits, recognized people, and friends.

Inhab.it then is about places, their growth from vague names, dots on maps, stars, homes of mysterious figures, and locations in books. It is about the change, born of footsteps and friendships, that walks each of these places out of our imagination and into our limbs, so that our hands and feet know a city as well as our mind remembers the skyline.

An earlier version of this page mentioned one simple truth, that there is a person for each place I have managed to live. These versions of myself are not unique, there are people built up in and out of every place we as a species have ever managed to survive and grow old in. The gift of our lives is in the motion and adaptation that settle into habit and comfort, able to share as much as borrow.

Inhab.it visits that gift from both ends, in voices my own, imagined, and entrusted with. This is a story of the places we are part of, and the parts of people that build places.

As best as I can manage, the site is update on the 10th and 20th of each month. In addition to RSS, which should be visible in the menu, new post notifications are available on twitter at a dedicated account here. Contact is always appreciated, wil at this domain.

Welcome. Thank you for reading.

-Wil, June 2020