10 things I learned yesterday

  1. IMAX 3D shows on Tuesday evenings do sell out.

  2. If someone is a good director, 10 years away from the mainstream doesn’t have to destroy their ability (which opposes the George Lucas principle, though that gives rise to the question of initial talent, which I will not discuss here).

  3.  Making Titanic doesn’t stop someone from loving science fiction.

  4.  Gollum really was a massive step in the blending of motion-captured live actors and CG creatures.

  5.  Waiting for the technology you need to be developed can work, but building it yourself is almost always the right choice.

  6.  If someone who is a good director and loves science fiction spends ten years of their life building the technology they need to make a movie, it is worth $19 to see it in IMAX 3D.

  7.  Probably twice.

  8.  Unless you have a very small nose, and so can’t comfortably wear the 3D glasses as their correct focal length is farther from your eyes than your nose will allow.

  9.  Which is not a problem I have.

  10.  However this means the 2nd time I see Avatar will probably be on a normal screen.