Places I slept, 2015

San Francisco, CA Santa Monica, CA Dongguan, China Kwun Tong, Hong Kong Portland, OR Shanghai, China Mong Kok, Hong Kong Las Vegas, NV Davis, CA Saguaro Lake, AZ 11th arrondissement Paris, France Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark Halmstad, Sweden Oslo, Norway Øvre Eidfjord, Norway Near Tysevær, Norway Stavenger, Norway Harrow, London, UK Albuquerque, NM Point Reyes Station, CA San Diego, CA Brooklyn, NY Prattsville, NY Cherry Hill, NJ Salisbury Mills, NY Morgan Hill, CA Incline Village, NV Tacoma, WA Malibu, CA Wuzhen, China Chicago, IL Union Pier, MI New York City, NY

What a long list. Depending on the exact methods used to count multiple beds in Shanghai, the most ever, breaking 2013′s record. But even without that, an intense, overwhelming amount of travel. I made seven trips to China, adding up to more than 9 weeks on the ground there, and most of a month jet lagged upon returning home.

Twenty fifteen was a strange year. We went to four weddings and finally, healed enough to adventure, on a honeymoon. We saw new places: Paris, Sweden, Norway, parts of Upstate NY, Michigan, Arizona, and New Mexico for myself and Copenhagen, Sweden, Norway, and Korea for Tara. We were healthy enough to both play the full club ultimate season, which resulted in most of the California locations. And we saw many, many dear friends on trips to New York, Portland, LA, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Colorado (Tara). Being healthy enough to travel, to play, and to once again do small physical tasks without hesitation was a wonderful gift. We appreciate our mobility more than ever.

Mostly we worked, with the all-consuming dedication familiar to the Bay Area. As we look into twenty sixteen, the question of sustainability reappears, and how we answer it will determine much of not only the coming year, but our future in California. I’m excited to see where the future leads.

As for Mr. Squish, he took it easy this year, spending almost all of it in our San Francisco apartment. His main adventure? Coming to work with me, where he spent almost every Friday wandering the office, surprising and delighting my coworkers.

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