Tara & Wil’s wedding

Thank you. Three years later, this page remains a reminder of great joy.




We’re very excited to have you be part of our wedding in Fort Collins on April 26th, 2014. Event details are below.

Time: 5:30-11 pm Saturday April 26th, 2014
Nearest Airport: Denver International Airport (DIA)
: The Agave Room, 143 W. Mountain Avenue Fort Collins, CO 80524
Event Parking: Civic Center Parking Stucture
Directions to Fort Collins from Denver International Airport (DIA)

Hotel Options:
The Armstrong Hotel is within walking distance and where Tara and Wil will be staying. Please call +1 970 484 3883 to reserve a room under our wedding block (Hobbs or Turner wedding). The Armstrong is very small (45 rooms) and will probably be booked well before the event.
The Hilton Fort Collins is another good downtown option, especially if coming by car.
Airbnb is also a good option for downtown Fort Collins housing.
The Fort Collins Marriott is a little further out, and there are many hotels on the outskirts of town that are easy drives from the venue.

Want a map? Click here

Event Schedule:

Please arrive at the Agave Room at 5:30
Ceremony will begin at 6
Reception with dinner, drinks, and dancing to follow at the same location


We are fortunate enough to already have a lot of what we need to fill our little apartment. Gifts are not necessary.


Cocktail (jackets and/or ties welcome but not required)